How to schedule updates for your Google + profile and Pinterest Account

How to schedule updates for your Google + profile and Pinterest


Some weeks ago I ran into the problem of post scheduling for Google + profiles.

Every tool I’ve used so far (including paid ones) is able to post on Google + pages only. There’s one exception, DoShare, which I don’t find useful because it is a Chrome extension and Chrome must be running and online in order for the scheduled post to be published.

I thought my search for a more efficient tool was hopeless until I decided to give Everypost a try. Surprise surprise, I found out that Everypost lets you actually schedule updates for your Google + profile! Right after, I gladly discovered that you can use it to schedule you Pinterest pins too!

At the time I tried it, Everypost was a free mobile app available for iOS and Android. Less than one week ago, it launched its web platform which makes everything easier.

At the moment there are two plans available: Free and Basic. With the Free plan you can schedule up to 10 posts at a time, while you have no limits if you choose to upgrade to the Basic plan (9.99 $/month). Medium, Advanced and Enterprise plans will be launched in 2015. As they state on their blog, they “will also be releasing the Measure feature, which gathers and calculates analytics about your content and viewers, coming in early 2015”.

Everypost supports the following services:

  • Facebook (profiles and pages)
  • Twitter
  • Google + (profiles and pages)
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Dropbox
  • Email

The app lets you write a “main post” and then customize it to suit the different social media platforms; you can change the content and add:

  • location, privacy, people, hashtags (Facebook profiles)
  • tags, hashtags (Facebook pages)
  • location, mentions, hashtags (Twitter)
  • location, Circle, people, hashtags (Google +)
  • boards, mentions, hashtags (Pinterest)

Can’t tell you about Linkedin, Tumblr, Dropbox and Email because I didn’t try these services, and didn’t find much on the net.

Everypost mobile app composer | How to schedule updates for your Google + profile and Pinterest |


Keep in mind that:

  • if you want to post your updates at different times depending on the service, you’ll have to create different posts for each service (and you can’t use the main post with variations “strategy”);
  • if you write a “main post” and then its variations, it will count as one post, while if you write different posts for each service, each post will count as one; this is important if you’re using the Free plan and cannot schedule more than 10 posts at a time.

When posting from the app, you can take pics or pick them from your camera roll (and apply basic filters to them before sharing, if you want), share videos from your device, search and share from YouTube, Flickr and Grooveshark. If you use the web platform, you can upload and share your files or search and share from YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest.

Everypost media options | How to schedule updates for your Google + profile and Pinterest |


While it may need some small improvement (quicker setup, better aesthetics, iPhone 6 Plus compatibility), Everypost has a huge potential and I’m looking forward to its upcoming analytics features. Before the web platform was released, I was using a combination of Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule my posts, now I think I could move to Everypost and keep my Buffer account to schedule other types of content.

What do you think? Which tools are you using to schedule your social media updates? I’d be glad to discuss it in the comments!


If you’re wondering how can an app post to G+ profiles if Google’s API is not out yet, here’s Everypost official answer:

Since Google Plus has not released an official API for app developers yet, we’ve come up with our own solution, developed in-house, to allow you to post to both personal and company Google Plus pages.

For other infos and troubleshooting see Everypost FAQs.


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