How To Optimize Your Video Strategy For Mobile And Social

How To Optimize Your Video Strategy For Mobile And Social


When defining your overall video marketing strategy, you’ll have found out where your prospects hang out online and what their favorite device is.

According to a 2015 study from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile video consumption is on the rise – 35% of respondents report watching more video on their smartphone versus last year.  Even more so in U.S. (50%), Canada (42%), New Zealand (42%), South Africa (42%), and the U.K. (40%). Social media also plays a key role with 42% of smartphone users finding video content via this channel.

So chances are you are going to need a solid mobile and social video strategy more sooner than later.

I picked the 5 most valuable articles on the topic and listed them in this post to help you build your plan.

Mobile Video Optimization

How To Optimize Your Video Strategy For Mobile And Social

1. Things to keep in mind

  • Keep screen size in mind
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Include a call to action in your video
  • Make sure videos are encoded to play on mobile

2. Short and long videos are both worth

Video length should be kept at under 5 minutes if viewers are likely to consume your content on the go.

Longer videos may work if your viewers are likely to consume your content at home when they can use their phones or tablets on wi-fi.

3. Apps are the most popular way to access Mobile Video

A multi-platform video content strategy is recommended.

Social Video Strategy

How To Optimize Your Video Strategy For Mobile And Social

4. Every video platform is different and requires different storytelling techniques

The online video market is like 30+ terrariums of various types and sizes. Each one has a distinctive economic and cultural features. And all of them have a different set of video influencers and community dynamics.

5. You should go beyond syndication

Think of video as a starting point for conversations and connections across each network, and tailor your social video as you would any other social campaign.

  • Facebook Video – Fun, autoplay-friendly video for leisurely browsing
  • Twitter video – Teaser content to help drive people back to your site
  • Instagram video – Company culture videos and teasers that don’t require action
  • YouTube video – Entertaining or educational videos tailored to your specific YouTube audience



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