How to easily make a newsletter with Goodbits

how to easily make a newsletter with goodbits


If you are planning to send curated content to your subscribers, I found the right tool for you: Goodbits, a free web app that lets you “collect & curate content from the web and build it into an email newsletter”. You can integrate it with Mailchimp too.

how to easily make a newsletter with goodbits

Goodbits provides a bookmarklet and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which you will use to add content to your newsletter. When you’re using a mobile browser or apps, you can add content sharing it via email. Goodbits integrates with Buffer, Slack and RSS feed, too, and it allows you to pull the links from this services and put it in your queue. You can collect as much content as you like and when you’re ready, you’ll just have to drag it and drop it in the email body.

how to easily make a newsletter with goodbits

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When you design your newsletter, you can use Goodbits templates or Mailchimp’s. Mailchimp integration also allows to: use your existing subscriber list; use (or re-use) a Mailchimp template; create a campaign in Mailchimp. The guys at Goodbits say that they chose to start with Mailchimp because of its popularity, but they’re thinking about integrating other services.


Are you sending email newsletters to your readers?
Which tools are you using?


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